Nutmeg Miniature Poodles

The above dog is being sold by Nutmeg Miniature Poodles and is represented to be in good health. The buyer, within seventy-two (72) working hours from date of receipt of said dog, has the right and option to take this dog to a licensed veterinarian of his choice to have a medical examination completed at his own expense. If the veterinarian should find the dog to have any life threatening or genetic defects, upon written confirmation of said condition from the veterinarian, the seller shall remit the above purchase price to the buyer, less any expenses incurred due to the buyers negligence. (MUST RETURN WITHIN 15 DAYS at buyers expense.) If the dog should develop before the age of two (2) years an inherited deadly or genetic defect the puppy will be replaced with next available litter upon receipt of a letter from the attending veterinarian that this is an inherited problem. All vaccinations according to the current recommended protocol - Distemper and Parvovirus - puppy shots, 1- year booster with Bordatella and Rabies vaccine according to State law). Over vaccination of this dog will cause the health guarantee to become null and void. Annual veterinary care must be kept current or the health guarantee is null and void. Please note, this puppy should NOT be given the vaccination for Leptospirosis for any reason. BUYER INITIALS______________. If the puppy is given the vaccine for Leptospirosis, this contract becomes null and void.  
Registration of said dog with the American Kennel Club will carry the kennel name prefix: NUTMEG. This dog is sold as a PET. All dogs sold to or placed in pet homes will be spayed/neutered when the dog reaches 8 to 12-months of age. A pet quality dog is sold on a limited registration that does not allow registration of any pups produced by this dog to be registered with the American Kennel Club. To show that you understand limited registration BUYER INITIALS __________
BREEDERS LINE PROTECTION: It is agreed that this dog shall not be sold, traded, or given to any Pet Shop, Puppy Farm, or Dog Dealer (buyers of pups in litter lots). If the Buyer should be responsible for any of the above mentioned or for breaking contract, the Breeder/Seller shall be entitled to the sum of Ten Thousand ($10,000) for damages to name and reputation. BUYER INITIAL: _______. If for any reason, the Buyer cannot care for this dog at any time in the dog’s life, the dog is to be returned to the breeder without refund of purchase price. The breeder is then free to place or keep the dog. BUYER INITIAL:_______.

Buyer and Seller acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Contract of Sale. This contract will be deemed legally binding and is under the jurisdiction of the State of Connecticut, County of Hartford.

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Buyer:__________________________________Date: _____________________________

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All pups are sold to approved homes only. If you have had pets before, a reference from your veterinarian is required. Sending an email with information about yourself, your family and what type of pup you are looking for would be helpful in finding a pup just right for you.

All pups are sold on a spay/neuter agreement with a limited registration only. Nutmeg Poodles does not sell show and breeding quality pups except under special agreement.

A deposit of $200 will hold a pup. If the Buyer changes their mind or gets a pup from another breeder, the deposit is non-refundable. If the pup does not pass their vet exam the deposit will be returned. Please do not send a deposit without prior approval. Pup deposits may be made by check but at the time the pup is picked up, certified bank check or cash must pay the remaining balance.

Nutmeg Poodles does NOT ship by air as this can stress out the pup. There are several reputable pet transport companies that can assist you in getting your new puppy to you. Buyers are responsible for arrangements and cost of transportation.  

This is our current sales contract