Nutmeg Miniature Poodles

About Nutmeg Poodles
I'm sorry, all puppies been sold!  We are not planning any litters for the foreseeable future.  

Please feel free to contact my Poodle partner, Dott Wroblewski, as she has two girls that have been bred and are due to whelp in January 2022.  You can contact Dott at and you can see her dogs at

I do not begin speaking with prospective new owners until I receive the application.  I will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge that I received your application and to advise if there are puppies available and which genders are still for adoption.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Puppies are sold to approved homes, on a spay/neuter contract only and are not to be used for breeding unless by special legal treaty.

Have you been able to start any housebreaking at this point?

Puppies at this age are really too young to grasp the concept of housebreaking, it usually takes until they're 6-months old to begin to understand the concept. They are on paper in their pen, which is cleaned every day. Even if we began housebreaking, once they go to their new homes, you have to start all over with housebreaking. They have to learn where they can potty and where they're not permitted. Everything is totally different from where they were whelped - sounds, smells, people and manner of training. Just remember, puppies (and my big dogs as well) never, under any circumstances are struck with a hand or anything else for that matter. I have a plastic fly-swatter and when dogs get unruly, all I have to say is "I'm getting my dog beater" - I've never used it on them; but the tone of my voice is all it takes. If they continue to disobey, I have an empty coke can with a few pennies that I roll at them. The noise is usually enough to make them forget what they were doing and listen to me.

 Is the dog always with many dogs or is he able to have his own crate to get used to being without other dogs?

When my puppies are young, they are kept in a big pen in my living room. This way, they are safe from harm, can interact with the family,are with my big dogs and can observe and hear a busy household. I don't have the room for each puppy to have their own crate, so they're all kept in a big pen. In my experience, it only takes one or two nights for puppies to get used to being alone. I send puppies home with a blanket and toy that they've had in the pen with them. Put the toy and blanket in their crate with them at night. This helps to make their transition to the new home much easier. It just takes being consistent with them. The first night when you put them to bed, don't have the crate in your bedroom. Put the crate in your kitchen, bathroom or somewhere away from where you sleep. The first time they cry, check on them; but don't take them out of the crate. After you've ascertained that they're okay, leave them alone. If you have to, put a blanket over the crate. In the morning, take them out of the crate (do not let them come out under their own power, pick them up immediately and take them to where you want them to go potty. If you let the puppy come out on their own, they're going to go potty immediately. Poodles do NOT like to be dirty, so they'll try not to soil their crate. This is the fasted and most expeditious way to housebreak a puppy. It's also the way to keep the puppy safe - if you can't literally have your eyes on them at all times, they should be in a crate. It won't take long for the puppy to realize that their crate is their personal "safe space" and go in their on their own to decompress during the day.  

Is the puppy always in a kennel separate from house a lot or able to be in house as well?

  Some of my friends think I'm nuts! **LOL** I don't have a kennel, all my dogs and puppies live in the house with us. Poodles are not bred to be outside dogs, their personality, in many ways is almost human. They want to be with and interact with their humans all the time. Although, they are used for hunting, tracking, service dogs, retrievers, show dogs, agility dogs, circus dogs; they are happy doing all those tasks, as long as they are with their human.